Lecturing: undergraduate
Ethics of the Social World (yr3): module convener and lecturer (Cardiff).

Philosophy of Contemporary Politics (yr2): module convener and lecturer (Cardiff).

Moral and Political Philosophy (yr1): module co-convener and lecturer (Cardiff).

Philosophy of Science (yr2): module convener and lecturer (Manchester).

Topics in PPE (yr3): guest lecturer on ‘Intergenerational Injustice’ (Manchester)

Personhood and Free Will (yr3): guest lecturer on ‘The Akan concept of a person’ (Manchester).

Philosophy of Mind (yr2): guest lecturer on ‘Psychological Laws’ (Manchester).

Metaphysics and Epistemology (yr1): guest lecturer on ‘Social Ontology’ (Manchester).


Lecturing: postgraduate
Philosophy Research and Communication Skills (MA): module co-convener  (Cardiff).


PhD co-supervisor: a thesis on anti-essentialism and informal logic in argumentation (Manchester).

Undergraduate dissertation supervisor. Papers supervised in: Political Philosophy and Social Ontology; Personhood and Free Will; Philosophy of Gender (Manchester).

Personal supervisor: students in yrs1-3 of the BA(hons) Philosophy module (Cardiff).


Classroom Tutoring:
Critical Thinking (yr1): propositional and predicate logic; philosophical argumentation skills module (Manchester; Cardiff).

Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology (yr1): philosophy module (Manchester).

Introduction to Political Philosophy (yr2):  politics module (Manchester).

History of Philosophy (yr1): philosophy module (Manchester).

Ethics (yr2): philosophy module (Manchester).

Locke, Berkeley and Hume (yr2): philosophy module (Manchester).

Creating a Sustainable World (yr2/3): interdisciplinary module (Manchester).

Critical Approaches to Management of Humanitarian Interventions (MSc): on the MSc in Humanitarian Practice (Manchester).

Study Skills (yr1): economics module (Manchester).


Other courses convened and delivered:
Epistemic Injustice: convener and tutor of new course for The Brilliant Club (schools in Manchester).

Topics in Metaphysics and Ethics: co-convener and lecturer of new remote asynchronous lessons for the Philosophy in Prisons project (multiple locations).

Introduction to Philosophy: lead-convener / lecturer for new 3-week taster and 10-week programme in philosophy for the Philosophy in Prisons project – (delivery delayed due to Pandemic).

How to Run Academic Conferences / How to Run Online Conferences:  new training courses for academic faculty and postgraduate students (Manchester).

RIP-sponsored ‘Thought Experiments in Schools’ project: project leader and workshop lead of a new project to allow students to experience philosophy in schools (please get in touch if you are a teacher or school who would like us to run one or more sessions in your classroom – free sessions are available for schools which meet our criteria).

The Leadership Academy: academic director and convener of a summer school course in leadership for students aged 14-17.