Presented papers: by invitation

TBC 2021/2022: SWiP New York City / online at The Graduate Centre (CUNY – City University of New York). The Sue Weinberg Lecture Series: topic TBC. Invited speaker.

June 2021:      SWiP Turkey / online. ‘What is our concept of Impostor Syndrome and what do we want it to be?’. Invited speaker.

Apr 2021:      Bilkent University (Turkey) / online. ‘What are the agents of the press, and what are the agents of social media?. Workshop on Social Ontology; invited workshop speaker.

Feb 2021:      University of Stirling (UK) / online. Class, Academia and Impostor Feelings’The Stirling Political Philosophy Group: invited speaker.


May 2019:      University of Glasgow (UK). Re-interpreting the responsibilities of the media for UK poverty-based rights abuses. Social Ontology, Normativity and Philosophy of Law (The Social Ontology Research Group: SORG) ; invited workshop speaker.

Apr 2019:      University of Hertfordshire (UK). The UK Media: Collective and Individual Responsibilities for Poverty Abuse’. The Philosophy research seminar: invited speaker.

Apr 2019:      University of Hertfordshire (UK). ‘Negotiating with the epistemic enemy. Philosophy Society public talk: invited speaker.


Nov 2018:         Tilburg University (Netherlands). ‘How to win over epistemic enemies and influence people’. The Moral Psychology Research Group; invited workshop speaker.

Oct 2018:        Tilburg University (Netherlands). ‘Epistemic nudging: the permissibility of cognitive manipulation in resisting testimonial injustice’. The Tilburg Centre for Logic, Ethics, and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS) Research Seminar in Epistemology and Philosophy of Science; invited speaker.

Sep 2018:         MANCEPT workshops 2018, Manchester (UK). ‘Just epistemic resistance: epistemic ethics in context’. Legitimate Injustice and Just Resistance workshop panel; invited speaker (1 of 4 keynotes).

Jun 2018:         University of Vienna (Austria). ‘Nudging and epistemic paternalism: their value in promoting, not undermining, epistemic freedom of choice’. 7th WFAP Graduate Conference: ‘Rationality and Democracy’; invited speaker.

May 2018:         University of Melbourne (Australia). ‘Epistemic objectification: the possibility of resistance under conditions of exclusion’. Postgraduate colloquium: invited speaker.

May 2018:         MANCEPT seminar series, Manchester (UK). ‘Epistemic resistance: individual and collective permissibility’. Manchester Centre for Political Theory seminar series: invited speaker.

May 2018:         Leeds Beckett University (UK). ‘Povertyism, media bias, and epistemic harm’. CeASR Social Change interdisciplinary seminar series; invited speaker.

Apr 2018:           Lund University (Sweden). ‘From collective to individual remedial responsibility for global harms’. Workshop on ‘Collectivity and Responsibility‘: invited workshop speaker.


Nov 2017:          Kings College London (UK). ‘Epistemic exclusion and resistance under austerity’Dept. of Philosophy; invited departmental guest speaker.

Jun 2017:           University of Manchester (UK). ‘UK austerity measures and epistemic exclusion’. UK Social and Political Inequalities Group: ‘Reflections on 2016: The Politics of Marginalised Groups’; invited speaker.

May 2017:         University of Vienna (Austria). ‘Povertyism, exclusion, and epistemic objectification’. The Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy; invited seminar speaker.


Dec 2016:          University of Keele (UK). ‘The curious case of Ronald McDonald’s rights as a person’. AHRC North West Consortium; invited speaker representing the University of Manchester.

Nov 2016:          University of Stirling (UK). ‘The curious case of Ronald McDonald’s rights as a person’. Stirling Philosophy Society; invited seminar speaker.