policy work


Mar 2022 & Nov 2022:
Class in the Classroom at the University of Manchester: A series of workshops for academics and professional services staff, driven by my research on class in academia. The workshops introduce some of the key differences between middle-class and working-class educational strategies, and the ways in which our pedagogical strategies (often unintentionally) favour middle-class behaviours, and provide room for participants to reflect on how to apply this knowledge to create more inclusive teaching and assessment strategies.

2022 – present:
Pilot: Activating Alternative Advantage at Cardiff University: A pilot project, in collaboration with Cardiff Council and the local Grangetown community, driven by my research on class in academia. The project goals are to move away from a deficit model of class-based widening participation activities and to assist students and academics with recognising, activating, and enabling to flourish, the epistemic strengths and virtues working-class students typically bring to their studies. Organised with colleagues at Cardiff University through an initial series of workshops with academics, university students, and local school-age pupils, and funded by Cardiff ENCAP Research and Innovation.