As Lecturer:

In autumn 2022, I will be teaching a postgraduate module ‘Research Methods: Political Theory and Applied Epistemology’ at SASP. This series of seminars examines two main themes in political epistemology: the epistemic problems for democracy and political disagreement.

In spring 2023, I will be teaching ‘Humanity as an Ethical Idea’ at the University of Stirling. This course  investigates and criticises the different uses of humanity as an ethical idea, including Kantian Ethics, contemporary theories of human rights and Confucianism. It also explores the limits of humanity as an ethical idea from the perspective of feminism, animal liberation and environmentalism.  

In autumn 2020, I taught the Honours Prize Seminar at University of St Andrews. The course ‘Epistemology in Chinese Philosophy and Its Contemporary Relevance’ is an introduction to selective epistemological themes in three major periods in the development of Chinese philosophy: the classical period (6th century-3rd century BCE), the period of the independent growth of Chinese Buddhism (6th century-9th century CE) and neo-Confucianism (11th cenetury-17th century). This course aims at introducing, analysing and evaluating a number of epistemological issues in the major school of thoughts in Chinese philosophy and exploring their contemporary relevance.

As Tutor:

In the past, I have tutored the following first & second-year undergraduate modules at St Andrews and Stirling University.

1. Mind, Value and Reality

2022 Spring, University of Stirling

Topics include the existence of God, the problem of evil, personal identity, moral responsibility

2. Philosophy: What is it all About?

2021 Autumn, University of Stirling

Topics include subjectivism, emotivism, freedom and determinism, knowledge and scepticism, dualism and physicalism

3. Enlightenment

2019 Spring, University of St Andrews

Topics include philosophical writings on race, gender, economics, human rights and political theory by Enlightenment thinkers.

4. Meaning and Knowing

2018 Spring, University of St Andrews

Major topics in epistemology and philosophy of language.

5. Foundations of Western Philosophy

2017, 2018, 2019 Spring, University of St Andrews

Topics include major works by Plato, Aristotle and Hellenistic philosophy including Epicurus, Stoicism and Phrrhonian Scepticism.