Teaching (As Module Instructor)

1. Feminist Philosophy (UG Honours Level, Stirling)

This course introduces students to feminist metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language and ethics.

Syllabus: PHIU9FS Feminist Philosophy outline

2. Political Philosophy (with Prof Rowan Cruft, St Andrews/Stirling MLitt)

This course examines two major themes in political philosophy: justice and legitimacy.

Syllabus: PY5318 Political Philosophy

3. Contemporary Issues in Moral Philosophy (UG Summer School, Stirling)

This summer school course introduces students to climate justice, feminist philosophy of pornography, theories of human right and animal rights.

Lecture 2 lecture 3 Lecture 4

4. Humanity as an Ethical Idea (UG Honours Level, Stirling)

This course examines humanity as an ethical idea through perspectives of Kantian ethics, human right theories, feminism, Asian philosophy and applied ethics on work, animals and environment.

Syllabus: PHIU9HI Humanity as an Ethical Idea

5. Research Methods: Political Theories and Applied Epistemology (St Andrews/Stirling MLitt)

This series of discussion-based seminars examine two major epistemological issues at the intersection of political philosophy and epistemology: the epistemic foundation of democracy and polarization of political disagreement.

6. Epistemology in Chinese Philosophy and Its Contemporary Relevance (Teaching Prize Seminar, UG Honours Level, University of St Andrews)

Five seminars introduce selective epistemological themes in Chinese philosophy and exploring their relevance to contemporary epistemology.

Undergraduate Supervision (2022-2024, Stirling)

·      Thesis 1: The Value of Work, Self-identity and Alienation

·      Thesis 2: Epistemic Challenges for Democratic Legitimacy

·      Thesis 3: Political Legitimacy and Individual Right

·      Thesis 4: Political Legitimacy and the Right to Resist