About me

I’m a PhD student at the St.Andrews/Stirling Philosophy Graduate Programme (SASP), where I also studied for the MLitt Philosophy. I did my undergraduate in BA Philosophy at University College London  (UCL) . You can find my CV here.

My PhD is funded by the Templeton project ‘Knowledge Beyond Natural Science’. From autumn 2020, I will participate in the AHRC sponsored research project ‘Varieties of Risk’.  I work mainly in epistemology, theory of normativity and philosophy of mind. My thesis focuses on the normative relation between truth and belief. Can we explain why truth is a reason for belief? How strong is truth as a reason for belief? And in what sense can truth motivate and guide our beliefs?  I’m also interested in a variety of topics in philosophy, including self-deception, theory of friendship, philosophy of time and history of philosophy (Ancient Philosophy, Kant and Chinese Philosophy).

In my spare time I enjoy films, literature and photography. Despite being a Kantian, I was inspired by Peter Singer’s effective altruism. I believe that it is our moral duty to live modestly while giving the best we can (and give well)  to make the world a better place.