Professional Service

Committee Member – ACLARS Conference (May 2019)

Principal Organizer – BOLESWA Conference (March 2019)

Committee Member – Disability Conference (October 2019)

Organizer –¬†BOLESWA Conference, Eswatini (March 2018)

Organizer – BOLESWA Conference, Lesotho (March 2017)

Article Review – Disability Conference 2018

Social Service: ProjektGivBak

I am the founder and coordinator of an initiative called ProjektGivBak whose aim is to develop and promote education and welfare of students from my previous schools (both at Junior and Secondary level).  The idea behind this project came as a result of the recognition that, I am what and who I am, partly because of the role these schools played in my life. My wish then is to see the current students at these schools emerge as better persons than I am.

So far, together with other former classmates, we have been able to sponsor prizes for the best performing students during their Prize Giving Ceremony.

Starting next year January, we will each adopt a student to sponsor them in all aspects related to their education and welfare. Our focus will mostly be on the less fortunate students.