Upcoming Events – Spring 2019

St Andrews

April 19th. Inclusive classrooms Workshop (with the Diversity Reading List).

May 7th. Minorities in Philosophy Discussion Panel.

Feminism and Philosophy Discussion Group.  If you want to join the mailing list, message Quan.

Biweekly departmental well-being lunches (starting on week 2 – February 8th)



June 24th. Workshop ‘Silencing, Prejudice and Resistance’. See our CFA here.


Past Events – Fall 2018

St Andrews

Feminism and Philosophy Discussion Group. If you want to join the mailing list, message Quan.

October 23rd. Social defeat. Led by Marina Brunale and Quentin Pharr.

November 2oth. Lookism, Beauty Standards, and Gender Stereotypes. Led by Quan Nguyen and Claire Fogarty.

Biweekly departmental well-being lunches.