Paul John Conlan

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My primary research interest is in how developing a hybrid expressivist/transparency account of self-knowledge. I draw on Gareth Evans account of the transparency of belief, Matthew Boyle’s work on the transparency of self-knowledge, and on Richard Moran’s account of self-knowledge as a form of agency in doing this.

I’m also interested in Wittgensteinian approaches to self-knowledge (of a deflationary sort), and queries surrounding the nature of first person thought, particularly the work of Elizabeth Anscombe and Thomas Nagel.

I also have some interest in epistemology of disagreement, and in particular the connection between peer disagreement and epistemic defeaters.

I am interested in the semantics and pragmatics of indexicals, in particular the use of the first person pronoun.


“Peer Disagreement as Closure Failure.” SoPhia Conference for Young Analytic Philosophers. Salzburg 2017.