Paul John Conlan

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About me

I’m a PhD candidate on the SASP programme, supervised by Prof. Peter Sullivan and Prof. Crispin Wright. My primary research interest is self-knowledge (broadly construed), more on that under the ‘research’ tab here

I originally studied to be a design engineer, completing a Bsc in Product Design Engineering, but ended up returning to university to read mathematics at the University of Stirling. In my second year I fell in love with philosophy and changed degree courses.  From there I went on to read for an Mlitt in philosophy on the SASP programme, and am now on the PhD there. My funding is provided by the Templeton Foundation Knowledge Beyond Natural Science project.

I’ve previously been heavily involved with Stirling University Philosophy Society and am committed to making philosophy as accessible as possible to the largest number of people. To this end I have been involved with public outreach projects as part of the KBNS project, including cafe philosophique events.

Aside from philosophy, I’m an enormous nerd; I’m a keen boardgamer, and I play Magic; the Gathering (which I blog about occasionally here), and I’m fond of tabletop roleplaying.

I like action movies, folk indie music (my favourite band are The Decemberists) and jazz. I also enjoy squash, but play very badly.

I can be contacted via email at paul.conlan1 AT stir DOT or on twitter at @paulconlan. I’m also on