Stuff I am interested in:

  • What epistemic use we can put our imagination to.
  • The role of perceptual experience in justifying our beliefs about the world.
  • The epistemic differences and relationship between perception, memory, imagination and dreams.
  • How mental states are divided and interplay more generally.
  • The possible epistemic significance of the phenomenal character of mental states.
  • The possibility of cognitive phenomenology and its relationship to rationality.


Here at Stockholm I am supervised primarily by Prof. Kathrin Glüer-Pagin, with Prof. Åsa Wikforss and Prof. Peter Pagin as secondary supervisors. Autumn 2017 I was supervised in Barcelona by Prof. Manuel Garcia-Carpintero. In 2019, when I visit Edinburgh, I will be supervised by Dr. Aidan McGlynn


My first three years as a doctoral student have been generously funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Training Network group. The philosophy department at Stockholm University covers a fourth year.

Research groups

I am an active member of CLLAM (a centre for logic, language and mind) based here in Stockholm, NorMind which connects researchers in the Philosophy of Mind (and related subjects) across the Nordic countries, and DIAPHORA.