Talks I’ve given


SEPTEMBER 2018:There are no different kinds of Imagination‘ –  (forthcoming) at ENFA 7, Lisbon, Portugal.

First presented at the Third Belgrade Graduate Conference in Analytic Philosophy, Serbia, May 2018

JUNE 2018: ‘Imagination, Propositional Content and Modal Belief‘ at The 2nd Context, Cognition and Communication Conference, Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw – June 16th-19th 2018


OCTOBER 2017:   ‘Justification, Imagination and Mental Agency‘ at NorMind’s 2017 Meeting, Aarhus, Denmark: October 6th 2017 (INVITED), and also at the 9th European Congress of Analytic Philosophy (ECAP9), 21st-26th August 2017 in Munich

JUNE 2017: ‘What is the link between the cognitive phenomenology and rationality of deliberation?’  at The Rational Role of Cognitive Phenomenology – University of Bergen, Norway on June 6-7, 2017

and the Lake Geneva 2nd Graduate Conference, Fribourg, Switzerland – 13th October 2017.

MAY 2017: ‘Can we explain the phenomenology of visual experiences from their contents alone?’ – Diaphora Workshop II: The Nature of Representation, Stockholm University, May 17th-19th 2017


JUNE 2016:  ‘Centred-World Perceptual Contents and the Communication of De Se Beliefs‘ at the 1st Context, Cognition and Communication Conference: Context dependence in language, action and cognition, University of Warsaw, Poland, 15th-18th June 2016