Current project: ‘The Nature of Representation’

I’m Madeleine, a PhD student at Stockholm University.

I work with Kathrin Glüer Pagin under the work-package ‘The Nature of Representation’ at Stockholm University, as part of DIAPHORA,  a three-year project funded by the EU’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie group of European Training Networks and Horizon 2020. The wider aim of DIAPHORA is to address resilient philosophical problems and disagreements. At Stockholm, our focus is on interconnected problems in the philosophy of perception, language and epistemology relating to the content of our mental states and their communicability.

As DIAPHORA is made up of a network of universities, centrally based at the University of Barcelona, I will spend eight months visiting other institutions on the network: including at Barcelona working with Manuel Garcia-Carpintero and at the University of Edinburgh with Aidan McGlynn. As part of my work-package, I also worked for two months at Ideaborn, a human rights consultancy firm based in Barcelona.