My main area of research are deflationary views in metaontology. I am currently trying to make sense of Rudolf Carnap’s philosophy of mathematics in order to better understand Carnap’s overall position with respect to ontological questions. This is not merely of historical interest, but will (I hope) also shed light on contemporary kinds of Neo-Carnapianism (as defended by Amie Thomasson and Agustín Rayo).

Furthermore, I like the philosophy of language (especially demonstratives and their metasemantics) and Kant’s theoretical philosophy (especially his views on mereology).


  • Forthcoming: Conceptualizing Kant’s Mereology. Ergo.
  • 2018: Metasemantics, Intentions and Circularity. Synthese (with Lukas Lewerentz).Link via Publisher


  • Upcoming: Carnap’s Internal Platonism. Modal Metaphysics: Issues on the (Im)Possible VII, Bratislava.
  • 2018: Easy Ontology and Categorical Quantification. The 7th International Philosophy Graduate Conference, CEU Budapest; The 2018 Joint Session, Oxford
  • 2018: Kant’s Mereological Relativism. Conceptions of Kantian Unity Workshop, Cambridge; GAP.10, Cologne.
  • 2018: Demonstratives and Conflicting Intentions. 2nd Context, Cognition and Communication Conference, Warsaw (with Lukas Lewerentz).
  • 2017: Quantification and Metaontological Deflationism. European Congress for Analytic Philosophy 9, München.
  • 2016: Referential Intentions and the Metasemantics of Demonstratives. 1st Context, Cognition and Communication Conference, Warsaw (with Lukas Lewerentz).
  • 2016: Frege versus Kaplan on Indexicals. 4th Seoul Philosophy Graduate Conference; 6th Humboldt/King’s Joint Graduate Workshop in Philosophy, Berlin.
  • 2015: Keep it simple! Intentions in the Metasemantics of Demonstratives. Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy 2015 (with Lukas Lewerentz)