I am interested in (meta)metaphysics and (meta)ontology, especially in topics such as: Are there composite objects (e. g. tables and chairs), or merely simple particles? Is answering such ontological questions hard or easy? Do they even have objective, determinate answers?

Furthermore, I like the philosophy of language (indexicals and demonstratives) and Kant’s theoretical philosophy – especially the Second Antinomy of the first Critique, which deals with the divisibility of matter.


  • 2018: Metasemantics, Intentions and Circularity. Synthese (with Lukas Lewerentz).Link via Publisher


  • 2018: Easy Ontology and Categorical Quantification. The 7th International Philosophy Graduate Conference, CEU Budapest; The 2018 Joint Session, Oxford
  • 2018: Kant’s Mereological Relativism. Conceptions of Kantian Unity Workshop, Cambridge; GAP.10, Cologne.
  • 2018: Demonstratives and Conflicting Intentions. 2nd Context, Cognition and Communication Conference, Warsaw (with Lukas Lewerentz).
  • 2017: Quantification and Metaontological Deflationism. European Congress for Analytic Philosophy 9, München.
  • 2016: Referential Intentions and the Metasemantics of Demonstratives. 1st Context, Cognition and Communication Conference, Warsaw (with Lukas Lewerentz).
  • 2016: Frege versus Kaplan on Indexicals. 4th Seoul Philosophy Graduate Conference; 6th Humboldt/King’s Joint Graduate Workshop in Philosophy, Berlin.
  • 2015: Keep it simple! Intentions in the Metasemantics of Demonstratives. Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy 2015 (with Lukas Lewerentz)