I am politically active, both within academia and beyond.


I am one of the co-founders of the Minorities and Philosophy Chapter for St Andrews and Stirling. There, I and Lisa Bastian organise a mentoring programme for women and minority students, where honours students are mentored by PhD students who match their social identity. I have also organised discussion groups and reading circles surrounding feminist philosophy and philosophy of race. Please get in contact with me if you have recommendations for me on any of this.

I am a member of UCU, and if you’re based in the UK, I would love if you could join too.

Real World

I am a member of Extinction Rebellion Scotland, and have been arrested for protesting climate change.

Together with Annalena Rehkämper, I co-founded Gesellschaftsdenken in 2017, an organisation combating disenfranchisement, political apathy, and right-wing extremism. I was co-chair with Annalena until July 2019.

I am a member of the German Association of Guides and Scouts (BdP), where I was officer for political education for its Bavarian branch from 2013-2015, and organised political education and exchange events for 16-21 year old scouts.